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July 5, 2012
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The host club a place where rich handsome young men with to much time on their hands sell their bodies to young women who also have to much time on their hands. Just think of it as a huge ass harem for the rich and beautiful.

Or at least that's what you thought of it and you let the world know it. You had a knack of sorts for computers so it was easy for you to set up a untraceable website and rant about your 'dislike' of the host club especially the 'shadow king'. The arrogant idiot who happened to be your math partner for the whole flippin year.

"you did that wrong." he said for what might have been the millionth time.

"wha!? How?" you demanded slamming your pencil down on the desk. He sighed and pushed his glasses farther up his nose. You glared thinking of a few new places he could shove those stupid things.

"first of all you made the mistake of not carrying over that number there," he said "were you doing say your finances for your company that would have been a fettle mistake." he declared fixing the problem.
You turned away mumbling to yourself.

"I didn't ask for your help in the first place baka....." feeling your fingers itch to blog you kindly asked to use the rest room.

"five minutes no more." your teacher boomed. Without even thanking him you dashed out of the class room I-phone in hand.

Locking the door to the bathroom you sat on the back of one of the toilets (the tank?) and pulled up your website page. so far had 10,489 most of which you were certain were from that girls school down the road.

"that stupid Kyoya making me look like an idiot in front of the whole class! I'll show him." you ranted frantically.

' you have one message~' smiling you opened it, it always gave you a good feeling to get mail from someone how shared you dislike of the host club. Your smile was soon replaced by a scowl when you read the email address KyoyaOtoriOtori Medical .org

' dear creator of '

It has come to my attention that you have created this site to verbalize your dislike for our club, and we would like to change any previous notions you may have. You are conjugally invited to the Host Club's annual masquerade ball tonight. Please dress formally and wear a mask. The host club will be waiting for you princess.

Our regards
The Host Club

Translation: 'we are pissed as hell show up and get wooed or else.'

you growled how'd they know you were a girl were they onto you?! Angry you kicked the stall door a little too hard. You yelped and your other foot flipped into the toilet bowl. You groaned and trudged your way back to our class for.

"your exactly 42 seconds late detention!"

"oh come on!"


you looked at yourself in the full length mirror. You wore a [f/c] strapless ball gown with Victorian style pickups and corset, with your [h/l] [h/c] hair slightly curled and down , and stiletto sandals that had ribbon up your calf. You sighed checking yourself over before placing the delicate golden mask on your face and walking down the drive to your waiting limo.

"well [y/n] looks like we're incognito tonight." you mumbled to your self. You pulled out your phone and wrote a quick update about how you were infiltrating the host club's forces and if you didn't sign on tomorrow.................... somebody would die if they touched your shit. You slipped you phone in the hidden pocket and stepped out of the limo.

All you could say was, wow. As much as you hated the host club you had to admit they knew how to throw a good party. Disgusted you mentally slapped yourself 'no bad Kyleigh we are here for research only no time to gorged yourself with all the fancy foreign foods........ no matter how tasty they look'.

You scowled at back into a corner as far as you could so you wouldn't be seen. Bored you began to update your website. 'trying to win guests over with fancy food this place is so boring.'


" 'BORING' HOW COULD ANY PRINCESS SAY THAT OUR PARTRIES ARE BORING." Tamaki yelled through alligator tears.

"maybe she's just not that into dancing and eating Tamaki-sempia" Haruhi suggested trying to cheer him up.

"yeah boss after all the parties we throw were getting kinda tired of it too." the twins threw in. "and she's posting from her phone so there's no way to know who it is" Tamaki stopped crying and struck a 'princely' pose.

"then we shall check every princess with a smart phone!" he declared. The twins rolled their eyes and sighed.

"that's basically everybody boss," Hikaru deadpanned.

"yeah and we don't even know if she's here yet!" Karou added

"well the young lady who runs the website is obliviously here because she just posted again.............

' jerks throw a party and don't even show up how conceded can they get?! -______-' you put your phone back into your pocket and reluctantly walked over to get some punch. After pouring some you took a sip and couldn't help but swoon at the amazing flavor.

You took a moment to admire all the beautiful masks and dresses occasional tuxes. You laughed the cliché music began and couples began to dance. It was beautiful all the couples dancing around and you had to admit you were having fun watching before you felt a light tap on your shoulder.

"may I have this dance?" you turn around to see a tall boy with brown hair and what you could see through the mask golden eyes.

"that depends are you a host?" you ask skeptical

"no but I could be yours if only for this one dance~" he said smoothly.

'good answer so yes you may." you giggled and curtsied before placing your hand in his.

"so what's your name beautiful~"he asked placing a hand on your waist and swaying in time to the music, leading you onto the dance floor.

"my name [y/n] and your would be?" you asked silly.

"my name is Brand-" he was cut off by a tap on his shoulder.

" may I cut it?" the newcomer asked. He wore a white suit with purple undershirt and a mask with a pattern of snowflakes that matched his black hair. You gasped at his beauty and blushed.

The boy you were dancing with nodded gruffly and stepped out of the way.

"thank you now princess may I have this dance." he asked bowing low as if you were real royalty. You nodded and held out your hand to him which he kissed softly before putting it in his own.

"so I hear your good with computers...." he said offhandedly. You narrowed your eyes at him and you felt your grip tighten slightly.

" what on earth would give you that impression?" you asked sweetly starring right into those deep gray pools.

"because I know you're the one with the rude blog and........ your my math partner." you scowled of course Kyoya would ask for a dance because he knew it would annoy the living shi-

"you have no proof." you said smirking.

"oh but I do~" he said holding up the phone he must have taken from your pocket. You snatched it back quickly and growled.

"how did you know it was me." you asked trying to ask as if you didn't care.

"well you were the only girl here not falling all over herself for us and would recognize those [h/l] [h/c]
locks anywhere." he said smiling. A real smile. Ok hell or something must have just frozen over because that is just not normal! "would you like to go for a walk?"

"well because I have a feeling you would find some way to make me go anyway, sure"


cherry blossoms flew by gently as the pair walked down the path into the garden the sweet classic music slowly fading behind them.

" Kyoya is the blog the only reason you asked me out here, because I thought you hated me I mean you were always making me look stupid in classes and-" you were cut off by a soft pair of lips on your own. The kiss wasn't what you imagined for your first it wasn't sweet and gentle it was rough and angry.......... lustful. Your eyes fluttered shut and he prodded your bottom lip for entrance. When you denied him he showed you against a tree causing you to gasp and your masks to fall off. Seizing his chance he dived his tongue in exploring the new territory. After what felt like hours he pulled away allowing you to catch your breath.

"does that answer your question?" he asked breathlessly. You nodded trying to fight your on coming nose bleed. "alright the I will pick you up Friday at eight dress casual." he began to walk away but stopped in his tracks. "oh and [y/n]?"


"I expect that website to be shut down by tomorrow."
wtf just happened to reader-chan!!!!!! and four 1/2 pages my brain is so freaking fried!

this was a request from :iconeverthingfan195:

i dont own the picture or ouran

a masquerade
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It's a very cute story. My suggestions for the future are to not mix japanese words in with english (i.e "baka" instead of "idiot") and to use commas more often, to avoid run-on sentences. Otherwise the plot was very cute and overall it's a great story.
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